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To get your free Paypal Money Adder Download you can check out the video tutorial or follow our explanations.

You have nothing to download, the whole process is done online. To begin, you must select the type of Paypal card you want to use. For use in Europe, select the geographical area and the amount to be credited to the Money. You can choose any amount you want but remember don’t abuse the generator it can banned your account.

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money in the bank

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What is Paypal?

Although payment on the Internet is becoming widespread, many of us are still hesitant to take the plunge, but have certainly already heard of PayPayl money adder for android phone . Here are 3 questions answered to dispel any doubt about this online payment solution.
PayPal, what is it?
PayPal is an online payment service to pay for purchases, receive or transfer money over the Internet. In other words, if you have to make a purchase on the Internet, PayPal is a solution to consider .
PayPal is more than a simplified online bank account. Once you have your account, you can use it even if you do not have money on PayPal. The service will bridge your bank and the seller and provides you with a secure payment system.
By returning the associated email and your password at the time of purchase, PayPal will transfer your money to the seller’s PayPal account. The latter does not see any information about you. That’s why PayPal is particularly interesting.
How it works?
Paying with PayPal on the Internet is quite simple. As often, the most restrictive step is registration for the service. Once your credentials are stored, financial transactions are done in just a few seconds.
To use PayPal, you must first create a user account . When you create the account, you save your banking information and set a login email address and password.
To create a PayPal account, you must complete your email and banking information
Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy everything on the internet using PayPal. With your account, you can only pay sites and resellers accepting PayPal transactions – eBay is part of it for example.


We are 24/7 available

PayPal is a recognized service in many countries , this is one of its big advantages. Another good point: if you also want to take the plunge and sell objects on the Internet, you can very easily use your PayPal account to bill customers. With PayPal, there is no need for a payment terminal to carry out financial transactions since everything takes place on the web.
Now you can also pay on the internet from your smartphone using PayPal apps for Android , iPhone , Windows Phone and BlackBerry .
Is it safer than another online payment solution?
The answer would be rather yes .Paypal money adder online website has been around the market for a very long time and this solution has already proven itself.
Beyond securing financial transactions as such, PayPal helps its customers in the event of a dispute . A concrete example? You have paid but do not receive any items. In some cases, PayPal can directly refund you.
Now there are other powerful Internet payment systems like the 3-D Secure protocol . Once you see Verfiied by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code – be sure to check that these logos are original – the 3-D Secure protocol comes into play and guarantees a smooth payment.
In summary, if you want to buy on the Internet with confidence , I advise you to create a PayPal account and use it whenever possible.

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